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Whether you have a pet hamster, mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit or ferret Pet Mate has the correct food for you. It is important that your small animal gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to stay happy and healthy.  Giving the correct food can usually save on vet bills and ensure a longer happier life for your pet. If you cannot see the food your pet likes please ask and we will try to either get it in for you or offer a suitable alternative.
Small animals enjoy treats just as much as dogs or cat do and in some cases giving your pets a treat can even save you money - having wooden gnaw toys in a hamster cage or rabbits hutch can stop boredom and  stop cages being gnawed and damaged. The gnaws will also help to naturally keep teeth short and healthy.
Treats are available in a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains all adding interest to your pets diet.